Red Cliff Mountain Retreat (Red Cliff, Colorado)

This modest 1700 sf home weekend vacation home located near Vail, Colorado, serves as a weekend getaway for a young couple and their son.  The steep and narrow site led to the stacked floor plans that get inserted in the hill - utility and mechanical functions were located at the ground level and buried into the hill, while bedrooms were positioned on the second floor, and the living/kitchen/dining rooms with the best views on the third (and top) floor.  With over 300 inches of snow on average in the winter, the roof’s shape controls the sliding snow, while opening up the kitchen and living room to high ridge line views beyond.  The large overhang provides cover for the living room deck as well as the driveway below.  High clerestory windows at the upper level provide maximum natural light throughout the year without compromising privacy from neighboring homes.  A tilt-up photovoltaic array on the roof was also designed to offset all electrical needs of the house.

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