1. Complete the 'LET'S TALK' link: We will contact you within a couple of business days to discuss your project and to set up an initial consultation meeting.
  2. Free Initial Consultation: If we determine we might be a good fit for your project, we will arrange to meet you either at our office or at the site (depending on the project) to further discuss your goals for the project, our process, and our fee structure. We will also discuss the expectations we both have for how the design process will proceed.
  3. Fee Proposal Letter: Upon completion of the initial consultation meeting, we will provide a Letter of Agreement which will outline a summary of the project scope, our proposed services, and the proposed fee arrangement for the project. Upon your acceptance, you will sign and return the proposal along with a deposit to begin the design process.
  4. Design Phase: We loosely follow the "industry norm" which is to divide the design phase into 3 parts:  Pre-Design, Schematic Design, and Design Development... 


What is Working with an Architect Like?