5 Inspiration: Experiencing a total solar eclipse


A couple of weeks ago (August 21st to be exact), a number of our employees took the day off to experience the solar eclipse in "the path of totality" which passed just to our north through portions of Wyoming and Nebraska.  The general consensus was unanticipated awe.  From the crispness of the shadows just prior to full coverage, to the sound of crickets, the 360 degree sunset while a ring of fire blazed overhead was an experience that left me with a child like giddiness for days after the event.  A number of us are making plans to see another, certainly as there is another one in the continental US in 2024, but hopefully across Chile and Argentina in 2019.  I also learned there is term for those of us that are determined to see as many of these events as possible - umbraphile.  (This will likely be the first of many useless bits of information this blog will shamelessly include.)          

- post by Stuart Brummett

Stuart Brummett