Cherry Hills Modern Farmhouse (Cherry Hills Village, CO)

The Itin Residence is approximately 4750 s.f. with an 850 s.f. garage.  Located on a previously developed one acre lot on the western edge of Cherry Hills Village, the design looked to re-use the footprint of the existing house so as to minimize impact to the mature trees on site.  In a part of the city that has recently become dominated by 12,000 s.f. “McMansions”, we intentionally broke up the massing in an attempt to fit within the scale and context of the original homes in the neighborhood dating back to the 1960’s.  This project was located in a suburban/pastoral rural setting that gave us a context in which to respond.  The house takes advantage of the site by placing the “back of house” functions, such as, laundry, mud room, and garage along the busier street, while the more private functions spaces (bedrooms, kitchen, and living areas) were placed on the back side of the house, opening up to the large lot and distant views of the Rocky Mountains.  Breaking up the massing of the house with various forms, softens the house’s street presence and provides a relatively concealed location for the photovoltaic panels on a roof oriented South.  Likewise, by placing the doors into the garage on the side of the house, the front porch creates a more inviting entry and focal point for people passing by.

The idea of using relatively inexpensive materials, but in a unique and thoughtful manner is at the core of most of our projects and this design is no exception.  The interior and the exterior make use of readily available materials, such as cementitious siding, cedar siding, and MDF trim, to give the house variety and depth on its surfaces.  Thicker wood trim provides additional depth and shadow lines at specific locations, becoming individual objects within the larger context of the whole design.  With this much variety in siding and forms, the decision to go with one unifying color throughout prevents the design from becoming too “busy”.  The gray metal roof provides a sophisticated accent to the all-white house, while the standing seams are harmonious with the textures of the siding and trim.  Much like a canvas, the house works as a composition set amongst a backdrop of mature trees and lush landscape. 

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