"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson                

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At Blueline Architects, we challenge you to explore the boundaries of how thoughtful design can transform your world, and then we break trail together...  our goal is to make the journey as enjoyable as the end destination.

  • We had the most remarkable experience working with Blueline Architects. Stuart and Ken's demeanor was always pleasant, calm, and insightful. Truly you could not find a better team to help realize your dreams.
    — Bari Stahl - previous client
  • An impossibly perfect team with a talented, creative vision and a trustworthy, responsible work ethic not often found in this business. Their attention to detail on everything from drawings to permits is amazing. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone better than Blueline. Anywhere.
    — Tracey Tee - previous client
  • Blueline created a place so far beyond our vision that we couldn't even have imagined it if we tried. We are living our dream.
    — Eric Stahl - previous client
  • We feel like our home is not only a design, but a work of art in which we get to reside, and Ken has become one of our closest personal friends as a result.
    — Heather Schultz - previous client
  • He is a great listener, is very creative, and was available for consultation throughout the various phases of the project... I enthusiastically recommend Blueline Architects for your remodel or new build.
    — Jenna Browning - previous client
  • Stuart listened carefully to what we wanted and thoughtfully came up with a beautiful plan. We especially appreciated his attention to detail... his vision, guided by our needs and wants, emerged in every detail.
    — Joan Sharpe - previous client
  • I am very pleased with the quality of work, design detail, approach, and customer service. I think my project was probably one of the smaller ones that they work with, but I've never felt that it wasn't as important to them as when they design houses in Aspen for millions of dollars.
    — Adam Faleck - previous client
  • Ken's professionalism is consistent with timely delivery of product and well documented... He has provided detailed information needed to obtain accurate construction estimates while holding potential contractors accountable for quality and projected costs.
    — BGB llc - previous client

the FIRM

We strongly believe the best way to get to know us is to share a conversation, but if you fear the commitment of a cup of coffee... 

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We are fathers, spouses, brothers, friends, tinkerers, artists, weekend road warriors, basement beer-brewers, philosophers, philanthropists, adventurers and occasionally couch potatoes.    

We are architects and designers with a desire to create spaces that inspire their users to live their best life. We view ourselves as equal parts artists and problem solvers. We believe a successful project is one in which the solution could not exist apart from the journey, a journey which is as much our client's as it is our own. 

We started our company in 2007 with the goal of providing great design and service without the ego. Our founders Stuart Brummett and Ken Bridges honed their skills working on high-end residential, hospitality, and recreational building types as team members for such award-winning design firms as CCY Architects, Morter Architects, and Clayton & Little Architects.  Yet despite our resumes, we consider our true successes to be the relationships and accolades that have resulted over the past ten years as we have guided hundreds of clients on their own unique journeys, and we believe a decade of clients would tend to agree.



  1. Complete the 'LET'S TALK' link: We will contact you within a couple of business days to discuss your project and to set up an initial consultation meeting.
  2. Free Initial Consultation: If we determine we might be a good fit for your project, we will arrange to meet you either at our office or at the site (depending on the project) to further discuss your goals for the project, our process, and our fee structure. We will also discuss the expectations we both have for how the design process will proceed.
  3. Fee Proposal Letter: Upon completion of the initial consultation meeting, we will provide a Letter of Agreement which will outline a summary of the project scope, our proposed services, and the proposed fee arrangement for the project. Upon your acceptance, you will sign and return the proposal along with a deposit to begin the design process.
  4. Design Phase: We loosely follow the "industry norm" which is to divide the design phase into 3 parts:  Pre-Design, Schematic Design, and Design Development... 


What is Working with an Architect Like?